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How do you know what type of mattress is the best for you and the way you sleep? Though it will eventually come down to a rest test, you can get a head start by bolstering your knowledge and helping to narrow down your choices by looking at your sleep patterns.

If you typically sleep on your stomach, you’ll want to look for proper back support and a firmer mattress feel, like the Beautyrest Ultra Macgregor Park Pillowtop Luxury Firm Innerspring Mattress mattress. Because there’s a good amount of pressure on your midsection, finding the proper support for you is key, and a firmer mattress will relieve stress on your back and not allow your back to arch and cause you pain. Foam mattresses are best known for their high support of the natural curves of your body via their responsive foam and pressure-relieving abilities. Innerspring or hybrid mattresses could also work well if they’re supportive and firm enough.

If you’re a side sleeper, try Beautyrest Hybrid Virgil Ultimate Luxury Drop Top Hybrid memory foam mattress. You’ll want to look for something between soft and medium firmness to relieve pressure on your neck and back. This is a position for a softer mattress. Your body needs to be able to sink into the mattress just a bit to contour to your shape and support you properly. Latex foam may be the best choice for a side sleeper, though a great innerspring mattress could work just as well.

Back sleepers should look for a medium firm mattress, something that can help keep your spine in a neutral position, not too soft and not too hard. Support for your lower back will be of the utmost importance for you, so focus on medium-firm mattresses like the Beautyrest Black MARIELA Tight Top Luxury Firm - King.

And lastly, if you find yourself constantly rotating between a combination of these sleeping styles, like most people, it’s going to be paramount that you choose a mattress that is firm enough when you’re on your stomach but soft enough when you’re on your side. Innerspring or latex foam mattresses both would be a good choice for you.

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