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JennAir Appliances - Buying Guide

January 12, 2024

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are a few names that can stand up to JennAir. Renowned for its innovation, quality, and elegant designs, this brand is an excellent choice for style-conscious home cooks. As consumers shop for dependable and high-performing kitchen appliances, understanding JennAir's offerings becomes essential.

In this blog, our appliance experts at Standard TV will serve as your guides, offering an in-depth buying guide to JennAir appliances. From their origins and ownership to exploring the diverse range of appliances they offer, join us as we learn why JennAir is a preferred choice for consumers.

jennair kitchen appliances

Background Information: Unveiling JennAir

JennAir was born with a vision to transform home appliances. Starting in Indiana in 1947, it emerged as a symbol of cutting-edge technology and fine craftsmanship. Over the years, the brand has stayed committed to innovation and fulfilling consumer needs.

Who Owns JennAir?

Maytag Corporation took ownership of the Jenn-Air brand in 1982, and later in 2006, Whirlpool Corporation acquired Maytag Corporation, including the Jenn-Air brand. Nowadays, JennAir stands as a premier luxury brand within the Whirlpool Corporation, widely recognized as among their finest offerings available in the market.

JennAir Design Series

Rise Series

The Rise Series blends classic elegance with a touch of professional flair, offering a versatile lineup of premium kitchen appliances. This collection features top-tier refrigerators, ranges, built-in units, wall ovens, and compact appliances, perfect for smaller spaces. Additionally, it includes under-counter options like beverage centers, wine cellars, and ice machines. Explore the exquisite details of the Rise Series, showcasing brushed brass accents and diamond-etched handles, appealing to those seeking timeless sophistication.

Noir Series

The Noir Series represents a departure into modern minimalism, introducing a lineup of sleek and contemporary kitchen essentials. This series presents elegant refrigerators, ranges, and essential kitchen tools designed to complement today's aesthetic preferences. Dive into the charm of the Noir Series, defined by its sleek textures and finely sculpted handles, catering to individuals who appreciate a contemporary look in their kitchen spaces.

Innovation in Cooling Technology: JennAir Refrigerators

Innovation Redefined

When it comes to refrigerators, JennAir goes beyond the ordinary. Imagine a black interior offering high contrast for effortless visibility of your food items. JennAir refrigerators aren't just about chilling; they're about creating the perfect climate for your food, thanks to advanced sensors that maintain ideal temperature and humidity.

Quiet Operation and Customizable Convenience

But innovation doesn't stop there. These refrigerators whisper in operation, ensuring a peaceful kitchen environment. And talk about flexibility—customizable shelves and bins allow you to organize your groceries just the way you prefer, adapting to your lifestyle effortlessly.

Diverse Options: Tailored to Your Needs

JennAir offers a spectrum of options catering to different preferences. Whether it's column refrigerators for a sleek look, side-by-side for convenient access, French doors for style and functionality, bottom freezers for easy storage, or specialty refrigerators for specific needs, there's a choice for every household.

From maintaining the perfect environment for your food to adapting to your lifestyle, JennAir refrigerators aren't just appliances; they're a thoughtful addition to your home, blending innovative features with practicality.

jennair kitchen and sink

JennAir Cooktops & Ranges: Culinary Precision

Choice of Fuel: Gas, Electric Radiant, or Induction

JennAir offers cooktops powered by various fuels, allowing you to select based on your cooking preferences. Whether you prefer the precise control of gas, the even heating of electric radiant, or the efficiency of induction, there's an option to match your culinary style.

Stylish Surfaces: Brushed Metal or Minimalist Black

The aesthetics of JennAir cooktops elevate your kitchen ambiance. Choose between brushed metal surfaces and frames for a sleek, sophisticated look, or minimalist black surfaces for a contemporary touch that blends seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Versatile Configurations: Tailored to Your Cooking Needs

JennAir ranges and cooktops come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Whether you need four burners for everyday cooking or six burners for larger meals, or if you prefer the convenience of a grill or griddle, there's a configuration designed to suit your cooking preferences.

JennAir Ovens: Perfection in Every Bake

Remote Control and Monitoring Capabilities

JennAir ovens offer the convenience of remote control and monitoring, allowing you to manage your oven settings from a distance using your smartphone. With this feature, you can preheat, adjust temperatures, and monitor cooking progress, offering flexibility and ease in managing your culinary creations.

V2 Dual Fan Convection: Enhanced Cooking Precision

Experience the V2 dual fan convection technology in JennAir ovens, ensuring even and consistent cooking throughout the oven cavity. This technology optimizes airflow for precise heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes every time.

No Preheat Bake: Time-Efficient Cooking

Say goodbye to waiting for the oven to preheat. Their ovens feature a no preheat bake option, allowing you to start cooking right away, saving valuable time without compromising on cooking quality.

Versatile Options: Single, Double, and Microwave Combinations

Choose from a range of oven options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a single oven for everyday cooking, a double oven for larger meals or different cuisines simultaneously, or the convenience of a JennAir microwave combination for quick reheating or cooking, this brand provides versatile choices tailored to your culinary lifestyle.

JennAir Dishwashers: Effortless Cleanup Companion

Quietest Luxury Dishwasher: Operating at 38 DBA

Experience tranquility in your kitchen with JennAir's quietest luxury dishwasher, operating at just 38 decibels. Its whisper-quiet performance ensures a peaceful environment while efficiently cleaning your dishes.

Third Rack Innovation: Enhanced Capacity and Organization

JennAir dishwashers come equipped with a third rack, providing additional space for utensils, flatware, or smaller items. This innovation optimizes the dishwasher's capacity and organization, allowing for a more efficient and thorough cleaning cycle.

Installation Options: Traditional and Flush Fit

Choose the installation style that suits your kitchen design. Whether you prefer a traditional installation for a classic look or a flush fit for seamless integration into your cabinetry, JennAir dishwashers offer versatile options to complement your kitchen aesthetic.

Finding the Best Deals On JennAir Appliances

Whether it's innovation or just the satisfaction you're after, JennAir appliances redefine what's possible. If you are looking for great deals on JennAir Appliances, at Standard TV & Appliances, we are committed to offering the best deals on the best appliance brands. If you would like to speak with one of our appliance experts, make sure to contact us or visit one of our appliance store locations in Beaverton, Bend, and Portland, Oregon. Our staff members are ready to assist you in finding the perfect appliance for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about JennAir Appliances

Is JennAir a good brand?
JennAir is widely recognized as a premium brand known for its innovative designs and commitment to merging sophistication with functionality. Its dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction has positioned it as a top choice for households seeking excellence in home appliances.

Are JennAir appliances energy-efficient?
JennAir appliances are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, aligning with modern standards. Their commitment to innovation extends to creating appliances that balance performance with energy conservation, making them an environmentally conscious choice for consumers.

Who makes JennAir?
JennAir is a brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation, a renowned company in the appliance industry. Under the guidance of Whirlpool, JennAir has flourished, maintaining its identity as a symbol of innovation and sophistication.

Can I integrate JennAir appliances into a smart home system?
Yes, JennAir appliances are designed with integration capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate them into smart home systems. With this feature, users can control and monitor their JennAir appliances remotely, enhancing convenience and modernizing their home experiences.

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