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hestan grill outdoor kitchen

Everything You Need To Know About Hestan Grills

June 27, 2023

With the grilling season in full swing, you may be looking to make an upgrade to your grilling game. If you are looking to go all out with a high-end, award-winning grill setup, look no further than Hestan.

Hestan offers a wide range of outdoor grills to meet your needs. With their long history of quality performance, Hestan will leave you the envy of your neighborhood and guests!

Hestan & Its History

Hestan was founded by Helen and Stanley Cheng. The two founders blended their first names together to create the company name, Hestan.

Stanley Cheng had a history of innovation and pioneered nonstick cookware in the 1970s. This innovative spirit is carried through to the brand to this day.

Hestan has since been built on a passion for food and innovation. This has led the company to award-winning success in vineyards, commercial kitchens, outdoor cooking, and home cooking.

Hestan Outdoor Grills

Hestan offers a wide selection of freestanding grills, built-in grills, and outdoor living suites. These grills are known for their quality craftsmanship, innovative technology, and attention to detail. Their superior performance and quality make them an ideal choice for those who are serious about their grilling.

Are Hestan Grills Worth the Money?

When considering the value of Hestan Grills in terms of quality, performance, and convenience, it's natural to question whether they are worth the investment. Undoubtedly, Hestan Grills have established themselves as one of the premier gas grill options available.

If you are looking to buy a gas grill, we believe that Hestan Grills offer superior quality, exceptional performance, and added convenience, making them a worthwhile investment for grilling enthusiasts.

Grill Features We Love

hestan grills outdoors

Some of the unique features Hestan offers include the following.

Commercial-Grade Craftsmanship

Hestan grills pull no stops when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. Grills feature commercial-grade door handles and casters. The quality of these materials helps with accessibility and durability.

Halogen Stadium Lights™

Hestan grills feature motion-activated under-hood Halogen Stadium Lights™ that activate when the hood is opened. These lights are integrated into the hood keeping them out of sight.

If you frequently grill into the evening hours, these lights are a game changer.

Trellis Burner™

Hestan grills feature heavy-duty stainless-steel construction and powerful burners, which provide consistent and even heat distribution.

The patented Trellis Burner™ delivers 25,000 BTUs offering high heat coverage. The burners are shaped much like a trellis in a vineyard and are made of high-end, durable stainless steel.

Horizon Hood™

The Horizon Hood™ features remarkable craftsmanship. The hood opens easily with spring-assisted hinges that will stop at any desired position.

The Horizon Hood™ also features built-in stadium lights, an infrared top burner, and storage for the upper racks.

Infrared Top Burner

Hestan's unique grilling system also allows for direct and indirect heat. The ceramic infrared top burner provides 12,000 to 18,000 BTUs. This range allows you to have more temperature control and cook a variety of foods. Whether you want to sear your meat to perfection or warm up your leftovers, you can with complete control.

DiamondCut™ Grates

Made of 5/16” stainless steel, the DiamondCut™ grates are lasered in-house to provide a superior grilling surface with even heat distribution. The grates are also reversible.


Hestan grills come with an array of convenient features to help you prepare a variety of dishes. Additional features include side burners, rotisseries, warming racks, and more.

Grilling Suites for Your Outdoor Patio

Ready to remodel your entire outdoor patio? Invest in a Hestan Outdoor Living Suite and create your dream outdoor kitchen.

With several options available, you can order your suite as a package or customize your configuration. Suites can feature grills, side burners, storage and warming drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, ice machines, beverage dispensers, propane tank storage, side tables, and more.Most Hestan products can also be custom ordered in a variety of vibrant colors including red, blue, and yellow.

Visit a Standard TV & Appliance store today and work with us to customize and order your Hestan suite today.

hestan grills outdoors

Shop at Standard TV & Appliance

Are you ready to invest in Hestan products to upgrade your outdoor living space? Let the experts at Standard TV & Appliance match you with the best products to meet your needs.

We have several, conveniently located appliance stores throughout the greater Portland, Oregon area as well as an appliance store in Bend, Oregon. Visit us today.

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36" Hestan Outdoor Double Access Doors - AGAD Series - Stealth

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36" Hestan Outdoor Double Access Doors - AGAD Series - Tin-roof

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