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Refrigeration technology is constantly improving and has been since the days of the ice box. In the end, it all comes down to finding what suits your lifestyle best, though there are so many customizable options and smart features to consider when shopping for a refrigerator.

Features you might come across or might want to consider range from simple water dispensers to WiFi capabilities! The options are endless. There are a few models right now – like this GE Cafe model - that fill up your water glasses for you. They have dispensers that shut off automatically once they’ve detected your glass is full, inner dispensers with an Autofill Pitcher (like the GE 28" 17.5 Cu Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator) that refills itself every time it’s redocked back inside the fridge, and even one with a sparkling water dispenser (XYZ). There is even a line of fridges in the Cafseries, like this GE Cafe 36" French Door model, that dispenses hot water at a variety of temperature settings and some even offer a mini-sized Keurig coffee brewer right in the door!

Organization is huge when it comes to choosing the right fridge for your home. Some, like the Frigidaire Gallery 27" model, feature a range of flexibility with adjustable shelves and door bins, specialty bins or drawers for strangely-shaped items, full-extension drawers that allow access all the way to the back, and special zones where you can adjust the temperature to make the area a refrigerator or freezer section! Other organizational features include dual ice makers or having the ice maker entirely in the refrigerator door (freeing up space on the interior} or having a built-in wine rack.

Other optional, and helpful, features include such things as a built-in carbon air filter, enhanced lighting in corners and above bins, fast-cooling compartments for chilling lukewarm beverages (such as the Bosch 800 Series 36"), and advanced defrosting features for helping eliminate freezer burn.

Potentially the most exciting features available are those for the smart fridges. Additions such as Wifi connectivity, such as in the GE Profile 42", allowing for energy monitoring and alerts sent right to your phone, programming the fridge from your phone to keep an eye on the filter or make adjustments or even receive images of what’s inside should you ever leave the house without grocery list in hand!