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TRIP CHARGE $60     $60
DIAGNOSIS* $59     $59
LABOR** $126     $186
TOTAL** $245     $305

Standard TV & Appliances feels strongly that our customers should know exactly what they’re paying for: upfront, with transparency and no surprises, no hidden fees. That’s why we offer flat rate pricing for our repair and installation services. Whether the appliance installation or repair is big or small, no matter the amount of time it takes, the charges are as follow:

Diagnosis Fee: This $119 fee covers our service trip to your home, an expert diagnosis, and an estimate for repairs.

Repair Labor: Depending on the manufacturer, flat rates are between $126* and $186* plus the Trip & Diagnosis Fee. This Repair Labor fee covers all labor costs no matter how many problems your appliance has and no matter how long it takes to repair. Should you have any additional appliances at the same location you can add additional diagnosis for $59 and $126 labor for domestic appliance or $186 for premium appliance plus the cost of any needed parts.

Preventative Maintenance: We also offer Preventative Maintenance service on most appliances. The cost for preventative maintenance for an appliance already in your home is $119 for the trip and diagnosis, plus $69 for the first appliance. Additional appliances will be $69 each. Should a repair be found necessary, a $126 labor charge for domestic appliance or $186 for premium appliance plus the cost of any needed parts. Preventative Maintenance details below.

DRYER: Open unit and remove all lint buildup. Inspect belt, rollers, drum, idler assembly, and motor. We can replace flexible venting for an additional $10 charge.

WASHER: Test unit to ensure machine fills, agitates, drains, and spins correctly. Confirm proper installation of water fill hoses and proper connection of drain hose. We can also clean unit with Affresh for an additional $10 charge.

DISHWASHER: Test unit for proper function. Run test cycle to ensure unit fills, agitates, drains, and dries to factory specifications. Check for proper function of door, upper rack, lower rack, and soap dispenser. We can clean dishwasher with Affresh for an additional ten-dollar charge.

REFRIGERATOR: Check temperatures in both fresh food and freezer compartment. Clean condenser coils. Ensure proper function of all fans. Check defrost is functioning correctly.

Electric: Test all burners for optimal temperature and cycling.
Gas: Test all burners for proper flame configuration. Check proper ignition function. Test oven cycling temperature and times.

* Excludes sealed system and tub job repairs. A detailed estimate will be provided for these repairs.

** Excludes certain outlying areas. Call to verify that your zip code applies. Does not include labor rates for sealed system or tub jobs.



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